Friday, September 13, 2013 Now Providing Machine Learning For Streaming Data

The team is excited to announce that we will now be providing a version of our machine learning platform specifically for streaming data. We will be supporting flat data from any type of connected device.
This offering comes as a result of customer demand from the past several months. We had initially planned to launch our streaming platform in Q1 of 2014. However the number of requests we’ve received for streaming support convinced us that the time was right now to bring our Beta offering to market.
So, what are the top three problems this platform solves for our customers?

First, turning sensor data into useful information is not easy. Many of our customers have limited data science resources on their teams. Developing and moving machine learning algorithms into production is a challenge. Our catalog of machine learning algorithms provides a complete data science solution out of the box. This is especially useful for startups looking to raise capital as our platform provides a Big Data and Machine Learning story for pitches.

Second, time to market. The wearables market is exploding, and being able to provide valuable apps to users based on device data is critical. Our platform provides all the infrastructure needed to ingest, store, predictively model and return results that power consumer web and mobile apps. This has eliminated months of development time which allow our customer to stay focused on delighting their customers and building awesome developer communities.

Third, scaleability. It’s one thing to build out the infrastructure, it’s another to scale it across thousands of devices and millions of events. Our cross-cloud architecture automatically scales with our customers business. It leverages multiple geographies across multiple cloud providers to ensure service is never interrupted.

For our technical friends, the platform includes:
  • Web Sockets For True Streaming
  • Multiple Classification Algorithms
  • Time-Series Data Storage
  • Streaming Visualizations
  • API for Developers
You can find more information on the platform here:
We’re now accepting new users for our Beta. If interested in joining the beta, please email me at andy(at)

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