Thursday, March 28, 2013

Anomaly detection in demand by data scientists

We wanted to share these results from our market survey.  Respondents were answering the question: “What algorithms are you most interested in using that you’re not already familiar with?“.
These results were provided by 80 survey participants who were not limited to the number of algorithm categories they could select.
The results were mostly in-line with our expectations, however the level of interest in anomaly detection was surprising.  That specific technique had not been prevalent in the conversations we were having with potential users.
Digging a bit deeper, what we found is that there seems to be significant interest in finding new ways to apply anomaly detection.   Many people are familiar with its common applications in fields such as fraud detection and log management.   Other “killer apps” based on this technique are still relatively limited.
Based on this feedback we plan to include some anomaly detection techniques in our alpha release in April.   We’d like to hear from the community if you’ve found an interesting way to apply anomaly detection.