Friday, June 14, 2013

Our cloud infrastructure for Algorithm APIs

Launching a new product or service is an exciting time.  New customers, new opportunities, new success stories.  That’s why we are excited to announce the launch of our new cloud infrastructure as a service for Algorithm-based APIs.
This offering comes as the result of two key trends we are observing:
1. In the world of the Programmable Web, algorithms are competitive advantage:  With more API’s available than ever before, it’s becoming easier to build interesting new applications from nothing more that mashing up APIs.  When anyone can build an app, how can developers differentiate themselves?  We believe that adding intelligence to applications will be one of the key ways to accomplish this.  And were not alone in this belief because…
2. The number of  APIs based on complex algorithms is on the rise:  Natural language processing, audio feature extraction, image and facial recognition, and machine learning are just a handful of the complex new algorithm classes available via API.  As these become better understood they will evolve from being a competitive differentiator to an industry standard.  The market demand for these complex algorithms has fueled an explosion in the number of new algorithm based APIs.  Mashape alone recently posted an article on their blog highlighting over 40 machine learning algorithms available through their marketplace.
In response to this demand, we decided to offer our cloud back end to developers looking to bring a new algorithm-based API to market.  Think of our platform as the Heroku for Algorithm APIs.  It’s a cross-cloud platform that manages the development, provisioning, and scaling of cloud infrastructure across Rackspace, AWS, and Google Compute.
The platform includes all of the necessary components to ingest, store and process data with algorithms:
  • Use any database you like (SQL, NoSQL, Graph, etc)
  • Supports algorithms written in Java, C, Python, PHP, R, MapReduce, and PIG
  • Messaging queue and load balancer
  • Orchestration queue executes jobs automatically in the proper environment
  • Multi-tenant with security roles and permissions – one platform for many customers
Our service is white-labeled, meaning developers control their own brand.  With a web page and tutorial content built over a weeekend, developers can bring their APIs to market.
If you have an idea for next awesome algorithm API, or you’re sick of dealing with infrastructure maintenance for your current API, contact us today and let us help you launch and grow your business.

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