Thursday, June 20, 2013

Much Love For Mashape

Launching a new API isn’t easy.   There is a lot of noise in the market, and discovery can be challenging.  That’s why finding great partners to work with in this space is of vital importance.
We made the decision early on to partner with Mashape to bring our Machine Learning APIs to market.  For those who aren’t familiar, Mashape is the leading open market for APIs.  They help new APIs get discovered and integrated into awesome applications.
Mashape has been an exceptional partner from day one.  Before we even launched with them, Aghi their CEO was willing to meet with me in person to explain their marketplace.  As we rolled out our offerings the technical team was available around the clock to help make sure our APIs were working properly.
Most recently, Mashape has brought Chris Ismael on to help with promotion of APIs.  Chris has done an unbelievable job for us.  He’s lined up several hackathon sponsor opportunities and media interviews that have exposed our company to an extensive new audience.
Here’s what Chris has to say about working at Mashape:
“As a Mashape evangelist, I get to have a unique and interesting perspective on APIs. While everyone’s hacking on the Facebook’s, Twitter’s, and , I get to play with the ones that don’t get mainstream attention. This gap between developers and the ‘long-tail’ APIs presents a huge opportunity cost to the API economy. Which is why I enjoy my job of promoting APIs from Mashape – aside from the fact that I get to show off complex stuff without driving myself crazy (e.g. need to build a recommendation engine like Amazon? There’s an API for that), I get to contribute back to the API providers by giving them valuable feedback from developers whom I show their APIs to. If I can bridge that gap and get them closer, I’ll be a happy camper.”
Chris and the Mashape team are helping to ensure that the potential of the web as a programming platform is realized.  If you are launching a new API I strongly encourage you to connect with the Mashape team to find out how they can help you make your service known.

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